About Us

Bulgarian Farmers Union

 Union of the progressive Farmers

We created the Bulgarian Farmers Union with the aim of uniting the agricultural sector. In the past years, the opinion that agricultural policy has a constant need of synchronization with the new policies and above all, for the establishment of the sector as a sustainable and highly efficient one, has been affirmed. That is why Bulgarian Farmer’s Union is the new and different approach that outlines the way of a new construction of the sector at national and European level. And to give the right direction for the development of agriculture in our country.

Main goals of BFU:

Implementation of rural development activities

in accordance with the best environmental practices, by creating alternative employment, diversifying economic activities and creating the necessary infrastructure.

Support the development of efficient agricultural production and processing sector

by improving market and technological infrastructure, as well as strategic investment policy.

Structure of BFU

Georgi Stoyanov

President of BFS

+359 899 853 953

Katya Novoselska

General Secretary

+359 888 471 902

Milena Evtimova

Advisor CAP

+359 885 773 377

Preslav Borisov

Member of the board

CEO "Depas Agro" Ltd.

Petar Lazarov

Member of the board


Atanas Kerezov

Member of the board

CEO "Bul Building Company" Ltd.

Nikolay Ivanov

Member of the board

Agroles 2014

Todor Bazinski

Manager "Borovitsa" Ltd.

CEO "Depas Agro" Ltd.

NIkolay Wüsten

Member of the board

CEO "BG Fish Farms" Ltd.

Vanya Boyoklieva

Member of the board

Vice President "Central Cooperative Union" - Bulgaria